Henry Hibberd

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Henry Hibberd

Post by shibbard » April 19th, 2000, 10:04 am

I am looking for Rev. Henry Hibbert's parents and on before his parents. No one can seem to find out where we Hibbards originated from. I know that as far back as we can go we are from England but I read some where that the name Hibbard derived from an Irish name called Ilbard or Ibbard or something like that. Rev. Henry Hibbert or Hibberd was born aproximately around the middle 1500s and John was born around the late 1500s. I am a descendent of Robert Hibbard of Mass. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please go to my Geneology Web Site at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Mead ... /Gene.html and tell if you are kin to me. Sign my guestbook. If you are a descendant of Robert Hibbard of Mass. you can send me your info and I will make you your very own Extention Home Page showing just your line from Robert Hibbard.

mrlene heaton
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Re: Henry Hibberd

Post by mrlene heaton » February 25th, 2003, 9:16 am


well i'm a hibbard and i have been doing the geneology for six years on the hibbards as far back as the 1700 in this country. not sure if we are related but will look and find out. my great great grand father was a john hibbard of vermont and they moved to mass where they had children. you can email me and i wil get back to you.

thank you.

marlene heton

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Re: Henry Hibberd

Post by csa0410 » March 16th, 2004, 10:34 pm

Hi, I am also from the Hibbard family. My great grandfather and grandfather were Oliver Hibbard. My Great grandfather Oliver Hibbard was married to Mary Ann Wright. My Grandfather Oliver L. Hibbard was born Nov 13,1865 in Wrightstown Wisconsin and died Jan 24,1954 in Milw wisconsin. Oliver was married to Philomina Potthost. Philomina was born in Chicago IL on Nov 29 1895, daughter of John Potthost and Pauline Klass. Philomina died on Oct 25 1952 in Milwaukee wisconsin. Oliver and Philomina had 2 sons, James Hibbard, and my father Thomas Joseph Hibbard. Thomas was born in Milwwaukee, Wisconsin on Oct 14 1933, died on Oct 19 1987. Thomas married Sharon Drew of Milwaukee, WI and together they had 7 children, Thomas, Carrie Lynn, Linda, Cindy, Patricia, Jeffrey, and Laurie Hibbard.

Coincidentally, I met another branch of the Hibbard family while vacationing in Eagle River Wisconsin. I met a Delores Hibbard, wife of Sidney (went by the name Bill)Hibbard. Bill (Sidney) Hibbard was born in Medford, Wisconsin,and wrote articles for the Milwaukee Journal Newspaper (he is deceased). Apparantly Bill's father was quite the geneology buff and traced the Hibbard lineage. Delores stated that the Hibbard lineage originated at "Stonehenge England". She states Bill's father was Henry Hibbard, and he was able to trace the Hibbard ancestry to John Hebard of St Edmonds, Salisbury, England, born in the late 1500's. (Our branch of the family changed the spelling of the name in the early 1800's). According to this earlier research, John's son Robert was born in Salisbury and traveled to Massachusetts with Governor Winthrop, working as a bricklayer and salt maker in 1630. Delores states she and Bill traveled to Salisbury England to continue their research. According to Delores, Bill was under the impression that St. Edmunds was a community, but found when they were touring England that St. Edmunds was actually the original parish church at the time of John's birth. While the building is still standing, it has been turned into an art center, but Delores and Bill were able to tour the building where John Hebard had attended church. In addition, Delores told me that they were able to visit many gravesites at Salisbury Plains with the Hebard name. Bill wrote on article documenting his geneology pursuit prior to his death. The article was entitled "Roots search leads through West England" by Bill Hibbard, Journal Travel Writer, Milwaukee Journal, article published on January 6, 1980. Hope that helps some of you to carry on your pursuit of your ancestors.

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Re: Henry Hibberd

Post by dhibbard56 » August 1st, 2004, 2:15 pm

Hi, I am the 13th descendant from Robert Heberd/Hibbard and living in California. Our more immediate descendant Jacob Hiller Hibbard born 1837 in or around Flint Michigan, married Sarah LightHall in 1874 at Saginaw. They then proceeded to migrate west to Marysville, CA and bought land, worked as a farmer, or operating in a transportation company supposedly due to his experience as a mule teamster. His wife SARAH, died later in the 1890's. Jacob and some family members relocated to Coos Bay Oregon. He then operated a transportation route between the Coos and Umqua River region for a while. Jacob eventually died in Nov 6, 1919 in Tulare County California, possibly in Visalia.

Anyway his son John Bert Hibbard married Abitha Buela Chamberlain in 1895 at Coos Bay. My grandfather Addison Bert Hibbard was born in 1900. Other siblings are Frank, Bessie, Doris, Ethyl, Charles Lyle and I think another. Frank and Thursa were farmers near Nipomo, CA. Most of the cousins I have met are from this area. Eventually my father Richard Deane Hibbard b 1931 Santa Maria, moved to San Diego. I was born there in 1956.

So where is all this going? I have also been unable to obtain any information and research concerning our Rev. Henry Hibert/Hibbard prior to 1547. Possibly a Wiltshire research site will be helpful.

Cousins, the 7th Hibbard reunion will be held at Santa Maria, CA area in 2005, so plan ahead we need to see you and hear your stories!

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Re: Henry Hibberd

Post by stephen » April 24th, 2007, 3:58 pm

It's interesting to read that the Hiibbard name could have originated from an earlier Irish name. There is an account of the name Hibbert in the Anglo Saxon chronicles in the year 758. Archbishop Hibbert appointed King Offa around this time. It simply proves that a variant of the Hibbard name could have originated from much earlier times.

Stephen Hibberd UK

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