Arkansas Hibbard Family Members

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Colin M Hibbard
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Arkansas Hibbard Family Members

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My birth name was Colin Michael Hibbard or Collin Michael Hibbard November 10th, 1990. It is possible my birth mother's name would have been Colleen Michelle Hibbard.(nickname Wendy?)

I was born in Little Rock Arkansas at the UAMS hospital. I was a cesarean birth. I am of mixed race. My mother was caucasian. My father was african/american. It is believed my birth mother's name is Colleen Michelle Hibbard but used the name Wendy Hibbard. She would have been approximately 30/31 years old at the time of my birth. I found her name from my adoptive parents seeing the signature on the adoption papers. Of course this may have been a fake name. But she took the time to write a note to my adoptive mother and signed my birth name as Colin Michael. Also, when my adoptive mother tried to get a copy of my birth certificate using my new name and their names, it could not be found until she told them to look under Wendy Hibbard.

I am supposed to have a half sister who would be 6 years older than me. She is caucasian. Supposedly went to Lakeside school. Supposedly lives in Hot Springs at present time.

My birth mother moved to Little Rock Ark from Hot Springs Ark during her pregnancy with me.1990. It is believed my birth mother's mother and stepfather owned a trailer rental facility or other rental properties in Hot Springs Ark. They were very involved in the upbringing of my half sister.

I know nothing about my birth father. I have to wonder if he knows anything about my existence. I would appreciate any and all leads or information that might lead to my having knowledge of my ancestors on either or both sides of my family tree. Information is all I am asking, athough I would welcome meeting members of my family or extended family.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

I anxiously await.

God Bless You with laughter, happiness, prosperity and family love.

Colin was changed at birth
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Re: Arkansas Hibbard Family Members

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Colin the only name I come up with is Wendy Hibbard, b 8 Dec 1964 Rusk (Cherokee) Texas m Harold Kinamon, Her father was Lawrence Eugene Hibbard and mother Deborah Taylor.
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