Hibbards In Ohio

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Hibbards In Ohio

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Looking for information on HIBBARDs or HIPPERTs of Fulton and Williams Cos. (William) Michael HIPPERT and wife Eva Marie SALZGABER were from Bucks Co, PA. Their children included John (b 1804), Lydia (b 1806), Sarah (b 1808), Jonathan Peter "JP" (b 1811), Catherine (b 1816), Samuel (b 1817), Isaac (b 1822), Maria (b 1822) and Henry (b 1825), all born in PA. The family moved to Ohio in the early 1830s, supposedly settling in Richland Co before moving to Fulton and Williams Cos by 1850. The parents both died in either Fulton or Williams Co.

John HIBBARD married Mary Elizabeth TOWNS. Their children included Michael (b 1828), Jonathan (b 1830), John (b 1833), Catherine (b 1837), Elizabeth (b 1839), Margaret (b 1841), Mary (b 1844), and Eliza (b 1849). This family appears in the US censuses in Fulton Co beginning in 1850.

Jonathan Peter or JP HIBBARD married Lucy (...). Their children included Florence (b 1857), Nathaniel (b 1861), and Clarence (b 1867). This family appears in Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, censuses beginning in 1860.

Samuel HIBBARD married Nancy (...). Their children included Henry (b 1847) and Daniel (b 1848). This family appears on census records in Millcreek Twp, William Co, beginning in 1850.

Isaac HIBBARD married Nancy (...). Their children included Margaret (b 1848), John (b 1849), Samuel (b 1851), and Mary (b 1853). This family appears in Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, censuses beginning in 1860.

Lydia HIBBARD married Jacob WISE. Sarah HIBBARD married Samuel SHADLE. Catherine HIBBARD married Jacob RUPLE. I presume that these daughters of (William) Michael HIPPERT also relocated to Northwestern Ohio.

Any information on any of these people would be appreciated.

Thanks, Daniel Powers

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Re: Hibbards In Ohio

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Hello my name is TIm Hibbard and I live in Athens, Ohio. We have a small Hibbard family located in South Eastern Ohio. I will try to get my family tree from my aunt so I can see if our family is linked. My Great, Great Grandfather moved to South Eastern Ohio and settled a small trading town called Hibbardsville. It is a very small community, and still around today (although it is not a trading center now!) My Grandpa was Charles Hibbard my dad is Charles Allen Hibard. My Great Grandma was Flora Hibbard.

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Re: Hibbards In Ohio

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Hi Tim,
My name is Danyelle Hibbard, also in Ohio. A city called Lancaster. My mother and father are from PA. My dad is Otis Clarence JR...his father is Otis Clarence SR...and his father James Pery from WV. I know my dad is one of 3 boys Otis..James and Thomas..all still living. His father married Mary Matyonosky. I know very little about the rest of his family.
I am not having any luck on my fmily history.
Anyway I cant wait to see the info on your family.
I hope I can tie mine in somewhere.

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Re: Hibbards In Ohio

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Hi, Tim i was wouldering if you could send me info on the hibbard family i would be thankful. I live in somersworth New Hampshire.

Thank you

Shelly Barnett
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Re: Hibbards In Ohio

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Hi Tim,
My name is Shelly Hibbard Barnett I live in Lowell Kansas, and my family came from Ames Township, Athens County, Ohio. I have family records that say James Stafford Hibbard was born in Hubbard-town Vermont Aug 4 1794. He was a physician and settled earlier in Chester, Meigs County, Ohio then moved to Ames township. I know that he was there by at least 1829 when my gggrandfather Henry M. Hibbard was born. James is buried in McDougal United Methodist Cemetary in, I think, Ames township. My grandfathers name is also Charles. I have discoverd that several of the names have been carried on through several of the different generations and differnet sides of the family. I know that the Hibbard family was part of the underground railroad in Ames. Henry and his family brought several freed slaves with them when they moved to Lowell, Kansas in 1871. My granfather told me that they had a cave on their farm with a natural chimney that was used as a stop off for the slaves traveling north to freedom. I am wondering if any of the people you told about in south eastern Ohio might be related . I would appreciate any information you could give me on that.

Thank You

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Re: Hibbards In Ohio

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My name is Theresa Hibbard-Brock. I am interested in finding out what I can in regards to my family tree. My Grandfather is Ruben Hibbard from Manchester, Kentucky who married Mattie(Hollin)Hibbard who is also from Manchester, Kentucky and moved to Hamilton OH. Ruben's father was Millard Hibbard married to Flara (Baker) Hibbard. If anyone has any information I would love to get it.

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Re: Hibbards In Ohio

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Shelly Hibbard Barnett What would you like to know.

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