Charles Hibbard 1777 USA - 1844 Niagara Ontario

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Charles Hibbard 1777 USA - 1844 Niagara Ontario

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I'm seeking any info on Charles HIBBARD born about 1777 probably in Pennsylvania.

Charles was most likely a Loyalist as he is in Fort Erie Ontario from about 1800 onward. Charles died in 1844 in Bertie Twp. Niagara Ontario. Charles marred a Loyalist Elizabeth BUCK 1777-1852+ in May of 1805 in Fort Erie.

They had at least 4 adult children - probably more by 1841 but their first names are not recorded in the local census records of the period.

Not much is written about Charles life. He was a well known farmer in the Fort Erie area (across from Buffalo N.Y.)and a respected Mason Although his neighbours apparently were not all that highly endeared to him though it would appear. (Father Henson's Story Of His Own Life -1859)

His most famous act was in 1830 when he took in and gave a home for three years to an escaped slave and family - REV. JOSIAH HENSON.

Henson was later known across the USA and Canada as a famous crusading abolitionist, He was immortalized as the inspiration for "Uncle Tom" in Harriett Beecher Stowe's powerful novel. "Uncle Tom's Cabin'.

Elizabeth's Buck-HIBBARD's story is quite facinating as well - 5 women and 31 children were forced from their homes in Wyoming Valley in late 1779 and they walked to Niagara Ontario unaided for about 5 weeks through enemy territory arriving November 3 1779. Elizabeth was the youngest at 18 months old. Her route was probably the same one that Henson took so she would have felt strongly for him and his family.

Anyone know of any Hibbards who may have lived in or left Pennsyvania or area at the same time as Charles?

There are almost no references to HIBBARDs in the Niagara area after 1841 but many to HUBBARDs. Charles' last name is sometimes spelt Hubbard so a family name change may have occured over time.

If anyone has and Hubbard/Hibbard kinfolk in 1800's Niagara Ontario let me know.

Nelson Denton

Attempting to find my Hubbard/Hibbard ancestors and can't tell if these are mine.
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