HIBBARD - Desha Co., Arkansas

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HIBBARD - Desha Co., Arkansas

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I'm looking for info. on the surname HIBBARD (any HIBBARDS!) in Desha County, Arkansas.

I have been unable to find any reliable info to this point...nor is there any family oral history in this regard.

My great-grandmother MAY have been named Betty HIBBARD (maybe 1842-1892). She married my great-grandfather, Henry Grimes, at the "Brooks Place" in Desha County in 1866.

One or both MAY have been slaves, but I've been unable to establish that fact. My late grandfather told me she was an "Injun woman"; mixed or full-blooded, I have no idea.

Other siblings MAY have had given names of:

Billy - born 02 Mar 1820
Lucinda - born 21 Apr 1831
Anderson - born May 1836
Bill - born 04 Jun 1839

The surname of the 4 others mentioned above MAY have been KIRK (unsure!).

Any help/leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Jon Grimes
L.A., CA

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