William J. McLaren

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William J. McLaren

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Hello, I am writing about a gentleman who my husband Alan Craig had known, admired and appreciated so very much and that person was William J. McLaren, who was born in 1877 in Duluth, Minnesota and lived in Alberta, where my husband was born.

Alan has spoken about him so often over the years (we have been married for almost 40 years) and when I was working away on the McLaren/Drummond family history from Grey County, Ontario, Canada, the subject of Mr. McLaren was discussed further. It became so interesting reading the various family connections.

From the records on the McLaren, etc. families, I decided to read the history of Parkland County, Alberta, about the McLaren family. With that information, I found many details about William McLaren (age 3)and how he was born in Duluth and from that I found that he was living with his Grandparents, John Jay Hibbard according to the census of 1880.

I hope that I have the correct information and if not I do apologize. According to the records, William J. McLaren went to live with his Aunt and Uncle in the Collingwood area (Ontario) when he was about 10. Their names were John and Flora Gillespie Johnson, but I haven't done very much research on that link.

If you might be able to supply any further details about Afilia Hibbard and her family that would be appreciated and I would be happy to add any further information if you so desired. Alan's parents were good friends with the McLaren family and with their children. There are still family members alive.


Jo-Ann Loucks Craig
Meaford, Ontario
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