Rev. and Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. Dallas, TX

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Rev. and Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. Dallas, TX

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I just found this web site and am overwhelmed with precious memories of our beloved pastors. The more time passes, the darker the world becomes, the more I miss the teachings of our pastors. I still can hear Bro. Hibbard as he preached, how he tilted his head when he hit a high note, and so many other treasured memories, including Sis. Hibbard's Busy Bees as a child. I still have the New Testament she and Bro. Hibbard brought all the children when they visited The Holy Land in 1955.

So many family and church members have joined them in Heaven, and the way the world is looking, we may be home with them soon.

Thanks so much for creating this website, I've bookmarked it for many future visits, especially the section for Bro. Hibbard and the recordings I grew up listening to him and the family sing.

May God continue to bless all the family members, we miss them all. Jaynell and Ron were our Sunday School teachers, June Marie and her family often blessed us with their singing. Marvin and Darlene went to Hawaii but we've never forgotten them, especially remembering the time Darlene got a serious sunburn just before being married and still had to have photos made for her wedding. The memories are endless and greatly treasured.

This is an article I wrote regarding Mrs. Nell Hibbard. It is located on my web site, Jo's Front Porch, under My Writings/Teacher.

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Re: Rev. and Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. Dallas, TX

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I was feeling nostalgic this evening and typed in Rev. J.C. Hibbard and found this website. I was so thrilled to see all the information about Pastor and Mrs. Hibbard. It brought back many wonderful memories of the Gospel Lighthouse and the Hibbard Family.

My earliest memories of the Hibbard Family developed as my mother would have the radio on every weekday morning listening to Brother Ott, Brother Noah and Brother Hibbard. I remember Brother Hibbard came on at 8:30AM.

I had relatives who started attending in the first building on Ewing Avenue. I started attending the new Gospel Lighthouse in the early '60's. It was a wonderful church with solid teaching from Pastor and Mrs. Hibbard. I am forever thankful for those years. My family developed many friendships that remain today. My daughter attended Busy Bees and she loved it.

I will never forget those glorious services with wonderful music and preaching. The time spend in the Prayer Room was so beneficial in my spiritual development.

I had the privilege of playing on the church softball team with some great young men to include Ron Songstad, Bro. Hibbard's son-in-law. Before moving to Dallas from Germantown, TN about eight years ago, my wife and I had the privilege of seeing Ron and Jaynell from time to time. I see they have moved to the Nashville area.

We had the privilege of attending the special service last April at the "round church" where J.C. Jr. was speaking. What a powerful sermon. The Hibbard Family sang as did the Gospel Lighthouse quartet. What a wonderful day to hear them and be back in the GL building once again.

Thank you for having this Hibbard website. I will always love the Hibbard Family and what they meant to me and my family.

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Re: Rev. and Mrs. J.C. Hibbard, Sr. Dallas, TX

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What an enjoyment it was finding this web site. (Actually Linda found it) My family started attending the Gospel Lighthouse in 1947 and was there until my father's home going in 1993. I went into the ministry in 1970 and the preaching, teaching and miracles I saw during my growing up years made a tremendous mark on my life.

I enjoyed seeing the pictures and hearing the songs. There was no one like J. C. Hibbard.

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