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I still dont know where I fit into this Hibbard Family. My G-Grandfather was James Perry HIbbard from WhiteOak, WV. He married Rose Snodderly? (not sure of spelling) They had 5 children.
Otis -born july 7 1915--died Jan 18 1988
Arthur- born oct. 23--died May 8 1997
Otis and Arthur were born in WV but died in PA.
Max? belived to be youngest, had military carrer. May still be alive
Franklin - I have no info on
Eva - I have no info on
Patty- died in the 50's
There may have been another child who died at infancy or really young.
Oh and my g-grandfather James Perry Hibbard my have been adopted.
Otis Jr. is my father. He married Debora Self. They have Scott, Danyelle, Heather, and Maranda. If anyone has an info. please contact me i would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,

Danyelle (Hibbard) Pompeo
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Re: Hibbards

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Descendants of James Perry Hibbard
1-James Perry Hibbard
+Rose Snodderly
|--2-Arthur Hibbard b. , West Virginia, d. 8 May 1997, Pennsylvania
|--2-May Hibbard
|--2-Franklin Hibbard
|--2-Patricia Hibbard d. Cir 1954
|--2-Maxwell Hibbard
|--2-Eveline Hibbard
|--2-Otis Clarence Hibbard, Sr b. 7 Jul 1915, West Virginia, d. 18 Jan 1988,
| Pennsylvania
+Mary Matyonosky d. 1969, (Uniondale Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
|--3-James Perry "Josh" Hibbard
|--3-Thomas Henry Hibbard
|--3-Otis Clarence Hibbard, Jr b. 7 Jul 1915, West Virginia, d. 18 Jan 1988,
| Pennsylvania
+Debora Self
|--4-Mary Danyelle Hibbard
| +Michael Pompeo
| |--5-Michael Otis Pompeo
| |--5-Mary Kathryn Pompeo b. Aug 1997, d. Aug 1997
| |--5-Maranda Nicole Pompeo
| +Paul Emerson Mason m. 11 May 2002
|--4-Scott Hibbard
| +Tammy Freisner
| |--5-Andrew Scott Hibbard
|--4-Heather Ann Hibbard
|--4-Meranda Nicole Hibbard
+Natalie Talarico
|--4-Eveline Marie Hibbard
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